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Mindmore® is a global platform founded with the finest diverse experts to provide counseling anywhere and anytime for individuals, couples, parents, and children using evidence based practices ensuring that their needs and concerns are met.

Loyal partner

Families with children who have special needs require support to help their children realize their maximum potential. Mindmore® is always there as a loyal consistent partner on this journey.

Nourishing with Passion.

Our consultants provide a knowledgeable, caring and nurturing community that you automatically belong to once you join the app. Every person regardless of their race ethnicity, gender, disability, age, economic status or sexual orientation has the rights and responsibilities to full potential in our society, the right to be treated with compassion, respect and dignity, free from stigma and prejudice.


In Mindmore®, we believe that everyone’s journey to wellness looks different as everyone heals in their own unique way. We believe that everyone who travels down the road to wellness deserves to be heard and to be treated with respect. Our consultants empower them to make decisions that are in their best interest.

We sincerely believe in showing empathy towards individuals who seek us. Our consultants will work tirelessly with them and their families to guide them in finding their wellness path through their life journey anytime, anywhere.


Our vision is to provide culturally competent, holistic, and wellness focused services that promote both adult and children’s social-emotional development, prevent development of future challenges, and address social-emotional problems that currently exist.


Mindmore® strives to enhance mental well-being for all individuals and families through a digital platform by making online professional counseling, support, and education accessible and affordable to all.

Safe community

Mindmore® values your privacy and will adhere to the highest level of the industry’s standards in encryption, cyber security and privacy.

Approximately, one in three parents (35%) is deeply struggling with their attitude towards and ability to cope with their child’s learning and attention issues.

Source: Cortiella, Candace and Horowitz, Sheldon H. The State of Learning Disabilities: Facts, Trends and Emerging Issues. New York: National Center for Learning Disabilities, 2014

We believe that everyone deserves a healthy academic, family and social environment. This enables them to develop, grow and overcome obstacles on their way to becoming nurtured achievers.

A mentally connected universe at your fingertips to help you become the best version of yourself through experience and expertise.



We are responsible for delivering the highest quality of care and customer satisfaction by matching our community of users with top consultants using our digital platform.


We invite you to be part of our knowledgeable, caring and nurturing community that will be yours once you join our app.


We will lead the market in terms of innovation and setting quality standards.


We guarantee that our communications are fast, reliable and have the highest level of security and privacy.


We deliver evidence-based strategies and advise through our highly-qualified consultants who are current with the latest research and practice.


We uphold ourselves to the highest standards and values.

Private Counseling,

Specialties & Services

  • 1234 567Find answers to the following questions:My child is very smart, but it’s not reflected in the report card.My child prefers reading than solving math problemsWhat is the best path for my child; IB, IG or U.S. HSDChoosing the best school for my childBullying: Signs and solutionsPre-reading & pre-writing skills
  • 1234567Relationship/marriage counseling for couplesKid’s behavior challenges: newborn, toddler, preschooler, children, tweens, teensPre-marital counseling First time expecting parents counselingPreparation for a new siblingAffair and infidelity counseling: Moving beyondBack to professional life after maternity leave
  • 12345Choosing the right post high school educational pathCareer counselingCounseling for CaretakersPreparing for a job interviewGrief and Loss counseling: Finding a new normal 678910Anxiety & Depression: Signs and solutionsTime Management Skills Continuous Professional Development: Personal and ProfessionalWellness, Happiness, Mindfulness Dealing with uncertaintyFriendship issues
  • 123456AASC: Access Arrangement Special ConsiderationSALT: Speech and Language TherapistDyslexia ScreeningWRIT: Wide Range Intelligence Test DASH: Detailed Assessment for Speed of HandwritingShort assessments that can measure current academic abilities and recommend progress plan
  • 1234SLT: School leadership training involving upper and middle admin staffCPD: Continuous professional development of staffSAL: Social Aspect of LearningEAL: Emotional Aspect of Learning
  • 12345Autism and Autistic SpectrumToilet trainingStrategies for a successful learning environmentDevising a rehabilitation plan for the homeMulti Disciplinary Team Meetings Readiness (SENCo, Coordinator/Parent/Specialist/ Teacher)

Features tailored around your needs

Live Consultations Anytime/Anywhere
Live Consultations Anytime/Anywhere

Immediate access to specialized experts 24 hours/7 days a week through live video calls, voice calls and text messages.

Follow up scheduling
Follow up scheduling

Maximize your experience through the option of following up with the same consultant and gain immediate access to your progress notes.

Easy payment
Easy payment

Choose the package that suits your needs as well as simple online payments that make the whole process simple and straightforward.

Join a community of experts


Build your portfolio and have a community of people who trust your expertise.


View a log of your consultations history and have all your reports in one place.


Easy payment system with streamlined transfer of funds and tracking ability.


A feedback section on your profile to reflect patient satisfaction scores.

Our professionals mind more

Verified account

Joining the Mindmore® community of professionals automatically gives assurance that all our specialists have been screened, background checked and verified for our clients’ ultimate safety, security and peace of mind.

Working hours

Enjoy the freedom of scheduling your live consultations when it is convenient for you.

Reporting system

Give your recommendations and suggest follow up if needed.


Get notified whenever there’s a new consultation or LIVE session about to start.


Together, We Thrive.


MindMore® donates 5% of its annual profit to selected charities and schools in Africa. Every year, we select different charities/schools to receive our donations and we encourage our consultants and experts to do so.

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